Cash, Loans, Debts, and Promises

Cash, Loans, Debit, Promises: Lesson 1

Is it really all about money?

  • As a kid, you heard adults around you talking about money, maybe even arguing about money.
  • Maybe someone encouraged you to do odd jobs – mowing grass, babysitting – so you could pay for some of your own needs or wants.
  • Maybe you got a job as a teenager and understand some things about work:
    • Getting a paycheck – with your name on it – is GREAT.
    • Being in the work world with other working people is GREAT.
    • Starting your own small business is GREAT.
  • Maybe you are starting to think about spending money to learn some skills – and make it easier to earn a better living.
  • What is there to know, in the legal sense, about spending money? Plenty.


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