Cash, Loans, Debts, and Promises

Safeguarding Your Card, Your Money, & Your Future: Lesson 4

How a bad credit record hurts your job chances

  • Many businesses will want to check your credit as part of the background check before you can be hired for a job.
  • Some businesses will check your credit history when you are considered for a promotion.
  • Only eight states put the brakes on pre-employment credit checks somehow — California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon, Vermont or Washington. Notice that Tennessee does not restrict this practice.
  • Good credit shows responsibility. It can also show whether an employer can trust an employee around money.
  • Most employers will check credit only when it is in the interest of the business, for example you handle cash (lots of jobs!) or valuable company property, or if you have a company credit card, or if you’ll be told company secrets, or if people may try to bribe you in the performance of your work.


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