Cash, Loans, Debts, and Promises

Safeguarding Your Card, Your Money, & Your Future: Lesson 5

Some Jobs Requiring a Good Credit Score

  • Any job that requires you to handle money or credit card numbers – even small transactions – like retail, fast food, ticket sales, or even parking garages.
    • Your credit score is one way an employer measures whether you are trustworthy enough to handle cash.
  • Military service
    • In a security clearance required for military service, financial responsibility is a measure of character and personal discipline.
    • Each branch of the military has its own financial responsibility standard, but they all have them.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
    • Any bad mark at all on your payment history will cast doubt on your trustworthiness and employers in this area will not risk it. They will not take a chance on you.


more jobs requiring a good credit score

  • Transportation Security Agents: you know, the airport security screeners.
    • You won’t be hired if you have late debt of more than $7,500, or ANY amount of unpaid federal or state taxes, late child support, or late student loan payments.
    • Law enforcement:
      • If you have money trouble, you might be easily bribed to “look the other way.”
      • A credit report that shows you get behind on bills, or maintain big credit card or loan balances, makes you look risky to a law enforcement hiring department.
    • Temporary placement agency jobs:
      • A temp agency may not hire you, but also might fire you once you are hired if your credit history turns bad.
      • Temp employees often become permanent employees; the temp position might not require great credit but the permanent one probably will.
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