Crime… and its Aftermath


Options For Taking Care of Your Ticket

  • You can just pay the fine, which means you plead guilty to the charge on the ticket. That’s over! But the traffic violation is on your driving record, and might add points against your license.
  • If you decide to pay the ticket, make sure you pay by the deadline on the ticket.
    • If you miss the payment deadline, your license can be suspended for a year.
  • If you want to fight the ticket in court, you can fight it in court yourself, or hire a lawyer to help you.
    • A lawyer might be able to help get the fine reduced, or avoid having points against your license (more on points later).
  • If you decide to go to court, don’t miss your court date!
    • If you miss your court date, you can be arrested for it next time you are stopped. What a mess! What a pain to go to jail for a traffic ticket.
  • The court can also order your license to be suspended for up to a year if you miss court.


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