Crime… and its Aftermath

The most serious crimes are called....

  • Felonies
  • Infractions
  • Citations
  • Misdemeanors
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A person is "convicted" of a crime when ...

  • They become a defendant
  • A warrant is issued
  • They plead guilty, or a jury finds them guilty in trial
  • They conspire with others to commit crime
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A person can be convicted of a crime in each of the following EXCEPT WHEN ...

  • They didn't know they were doing something illegal
  • They tried to shoplift but didn't actually get away with it.
  • A group of friends vandalized the side of a building but only one was caught, and criminal charges were filed only against that one guy
  • Someone tweeted that she was thing about doing something highly illegal, but she hadn't done it yet.
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When an officer pulls you over in traffic, you must:

  • Tell the officer you can't talk to her untill you can call your lawyer.
  • Give the officer your driver license, car registration, and proof of insurance when she asks for it.
  • Give your license only if the officer is actually going to give you a ticket.
  • Let the officer search your car.
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When an officer stops you in traffic, she can search your car if:

  • She smells marijuana
  • She sees a prescription bottle, but your name is not on it
  • you give her permission to searfch
  • All of the above
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If an officer talks to you on the street, they can frisk you ( do a "pat down" search) ...

  • When he sees a bulge in one of your pockets
  • When he wants to; it's up to the officer to decide when to search someone/e
  • When he has a good reason to think you were involved in crime, and he needs to see if you have a weapon, for his own safety
  • When he has a strong feeling he'l find something because of how you dress
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If you are arrested

  • you dont have to talk to police after you ask for a lawyer, and the lawyer will then do your talking
  • the police will read you your rights if you ask them to.
  • you can talk freely to police, let them do test, and sign papers if they say it will make the process easier
  • police can't use things against you if you cooperate with them
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In Tennessee, guns ...

  • Are the only regulated weapons. Other items can be carried without restrictionsse
  • May not be owned by any person convicted of a misdemeanor
  • May not be owned by people with 2 or more DUIs in the last 10 years.
  • Can legally be carried only if the gun is concealed
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Hate crimes ...

  • Are only committed by white people.
  • are crimes on a list of "hate crimes."
  • result in the same fines and jail time as other crimes
  • Are determined to be hate crimes by evidence of prejudice against the victim of the crime
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