License, Insurance, and Registration Please

Buying or Selling Your Car: Lesson 2

Registration Paperwork When You Buy A Car

  • When you buy a car, make sure you get a title from the seller.
  • Once you get the title, be sure to register as the new owner with the County Clerk’s office. To register your vehicle in Tennessee, make sure you have:
    • Your title,
    • Your identification and proof of where you live (residency),
    • An odometer disclosure statement that shows how many miles the car has been driven since it was first sold (if the car is less than 10 years old. Get the form from the DMV web site), and
    • Payment for your registration fees.
    • You can also get a temporary operation permit to give you time to get your paperwork together (but you have to apply for this; there are conditions).
    • Some counties also require emissions inspections (commonly called ‘smog checks’) before you can register the vehicle.


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