License, Insurance, and Registration Please

Getting & Staying Insured: Lesson 3

What Liability Insurance Does NOT Cover

  • Liability coverage doesn’t pay to fix your own car (but read on … there is insurance for your own damage, too).
  • Liability insurance does not pay your medical bills if you are hurt in an accident that was your fault.
  • There are other kinds of insurance you can buy that helps pay to fix your own car, or pay your own medical bills – but this kind of insurance will cost more.
  • For example, collision coverage added to your liability insurance can help get your car fixed after a wreck.
  • You can buy medical payments coverage as part of your car insurance to pay medical bills if you are hurt, but you can use your regular health insurance policy for treatment of your own injuries.
    • If you have medical insurance separate from your car insurance, that might be the cheaper way to go. You just have to read the details of your policies.
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