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Birth Parent Rights During the Adoption Process Continued

  • You can have the adoptive parents pay for prenatal medical bills and for the birth expenses at the hospital.
  • You can get help paying for your housing, utilities, maternity clothes, food and transportation during the last trimester of pregnancy and for six weeks after giving up the baby, or you can turn down financial help.
  • You may see your child, or not, before you give up the baby for adoption.
  • You are allowed to change your mind about the adoption any time before you sign paperwork in front of a judge, and you can still change your mind for 10 days after you sign adoption paperwork. You can’t change your mind after the 10 days are up.
    • You cannot sign adoption paperwork before the baby is four days old unless the judge allows it for a good reason.
  • You can get a copy of any paperwork you sign.
  • Your child can have the adoption records, including papers that identify you, when the child turns 21. You can have contact from your adult child, or not.
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