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If you are getting married, and either bride or groom is under 18,

  • You can get married as soon as you have your marriage license.
  • You must wait 3 weeks after getting a marriage license.
  • You must wait 1 week after getting a marriage license.
  • You must wait 3 days to get married after getting the license.
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You are both 19 and your pastor marries you secretly after you get your marriage license. You both take your vows. The marriage is …

  • Legal, because you are both over 18.
  • Legal, because a pastor married you.
  • Not legal, because there were no witnesses to the ceremony.
  • Legal, because you had a marriage license.
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In Tennessee, child support …

  • Is ordered only if a parent wants the other parent to pay support.
  • Amounts are decided by the parents.
  • Can be deducted from a parent’s paycheck if they don’t pay.
  • Isn’t needed if there is a formal parenting plan and both help take care of the child.
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You owe child support, but you can’t pay it right now. You should …

  • Go to court and ask the judge to lower the amount you have to pay until you start earning more money.
  • Move to another state so money can’t be taken from your paycheck.
  • Call the child’s other parent and ask them to take a lower amount of child support until you are making more money.
  • Do your best to get caught up on your payments.
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A 19 year old female who has sex with her 17 year old boyfriend …

  • Is OK because she is over 18
  • Is OK because she is only two years older than her boyfriend and he is almost 18
  • Is OK if they plan to get married
  • Could be convicted of statutory rape and maybe have to register as a sex offender
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Date rape drugs …

  • Are illegal in every state, not just Tennessee
  • Can send a person to prison just for possessing a date rape drug, even if not used
  • Neither A nor B
  • Both A and B
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If parents decide to allow their baby to be adopted,

  • They can change their minds about it for a small tie after they sign the adoption paperwork.
  • They will never see their baby again.
  • They cannot put a name on the baby’s birth certificate because the adoptive parents will name the baby.
  • They will never know who adopted the baby.
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