Safe Surfing

Cybercrime, Fraud, and Safe Downloads: Lesson 2

A Download Straight Into Hot Water

  • Downloading sexual photos of children and teens (umm … this includes a sexting photo from your 15 year-old girlfriend) is a serious crime.
    • Penalties can be jail, prison, and possible registration as a sex offender – for life.
  • Pirating or downloading copyrighted material (like music and movies) without permission is a state crime, and also a federal crime.
    • Under federal law, criminal penalties for copyright infringement can include up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of a quarter of a million dollars.
  • It is also a crime to buy pirated DVDs and CDs. Yes, a crime.
  • You are not so small time and unimportant that you won’t be noticed. Just don’t do it.
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