Safe Surfing

Cybercrime, Fraud, and Safe Downloads: Lesson 4

Cybercrime Won’t Make a Victim Out Of Me ...

  • The FBI reports that there are 15 million cyber attacks in a year. That means there are over 4,000 cyber attacks every day, 170 attacks every hour, or nearly three attacks every minute.
  • Many hackers go after businesses and government data bases instead of individuals because big organizations keep so much information about individuals criminals find useful for identity theft and other crimes.
  • In 2014, hackers stole personal information from 47% of American adults, mostly through data breaches at large companies.
  • According to the FBI, everyone who goes online is vulnerable to cybercrime: You’re more likely to have your email account hacked than to have your home broken into.
  • But many victims of cyber crime don’t report it because they don’t even know it happened (check your credit report!!), they don’t know how to report it, or they are just too embarrassed.
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