Safe Surfing

How to Safeguard Your Identity: Lesson 2

Identity Theft

  • Don’t tell anyone on line your actual name, don’t tell anyone your address, don’t even give an idea of which neighborhood you live in.
  • A rule to live by: don’t give out any information, including detailed photos, that a creep might use to find you.
  • Even a little information, like the name of your school or the name of the school team is enough to allow a bad guy to figure out who – and where – you are.
  • You wouldn’t tell some 57 year-old wrong number on your phone your name and where you live, right? Well, don’t tell Hotguy101 or Flygrl227 online.
  • Even though someone writes, “Hi, I’m a hottie out here in sunny California,” it might be someone really creepy, and REALLY CLOSE BY.
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