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Giving my real name in online chats is OK because …

  • Honesty is the best policy when dealing with other people.
  • It is not OK to identify myself when I don’t know off line the people I’m connecting to.
  • The people chatting about my interests are going to be good people.
  • I don’t go on risky web sites.
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Which statement is true?

  • I should give my user ID and passwords to a friend in case I forget them.
  • I should give my user IDs and passwords to a parent, or other adult I trust with my future, in case I forget them.
  • No one I trust my password and user ID with would ever post something or buy something I wouldn’t.
  • My passwords and user IDs are not a form of online identification.
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True or false: If I post something online and later regret it, I can delete it and won’t have to worry about it later.

  • True
  • False
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You can safely meet in person someone you met online if …

  • She seems like an open, honest person online and gave lots of information about herself
  • She went to your school, you just didn’t happen to meet there.
  • She also knows some of your other friends online.
  • You go with someone you know and trust in “real life” and you set up the meeting in a busy public place.
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Which of the following is not a safe socializing practice online?

  • Allowing only friends you approve to look at your profile.
  • Adding friends you don’t know yet, but would like to know.
  • Deleting inappropriate messages from friends.
  • Reviewing your posts sometimes and taking down things that don’t look too smart.
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A good way to avoid identity theft is …

  • Checking your credit reports online frequently.
  • Reporting your lost wallet to police ,the bank, the credit card company immediately when you notice them missing.
  • Being extremely careful about who you give your Social Security number and date of birth to.
  • All of the above.
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