Safe Surfing

Learn to Protect Your Reputation: Lesson 2

Behave Yourself Online, Just as You Should in Person

  • Some things are illegal in real life, and they are illegal online, too.
    • Writing “hate” emails, is as bad as writing hate speech anywhere.
    • Hacking into other people’s computers is as illegal as stealing people’s mail.
    • Illegally downloading music or movies is as illegal as stealing CDs and DVDs.
  • Threatening people online is as against the law as threatening them in person or on the phone.
  • You cannot hide behind a virtual identity and do or say whatever you want.
  • Watch what you write – always assume it will be found (by the LAST person you’d want to see it)!
  • Assume all the good and the bad that you post will be found later on, maybe sooner rather than later, as someone decides something important about your future.
  • Every time you search online, or go to a web site, post a comment, or send an email it is somehow recorded on the Internet.
    • It is so hard to take something back once you send it to Cyberspace, consider it there forever. Think. Breathe. Hesitate. Do you really want that Very Important Person in your future to see this?
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