Tenants, Landlords, and Leases

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When you pay a security deposit to rent a place to live, you get the security deposit back …

  • When you move
  • If your roommates move out and you are a responsible tenant
  • When the owner becomes convinced you are a good renter
  • When you move, if the owner doesn’t have to use it to fix damage you caused
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A lease …

  • Is a contract that can be enforced in court by either party, if needed
  • Is easier to change than a monthly rental agreement
  • Is another name for a monthly rental agreement
  • Is not negotiable later; the terms are set in stone.
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You don’t have to meet all the terms in the lease …

  • If something changes and you can’t keep your promises in the lease
  • If one of the roommates who signed the lease moves out
  • If the plumbing does not work and the owner won’t fix it
  • If the neighbors keep you up all night and you need to get up for work in the morning
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If I don’t pay my rent on time,

  • I can be evicted within 5 days
  • The landlord can charge an extra 10% as a late fee
  • I can be evicted within 10 days
  • I can have a reasonable time to pay it after the due date
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You have lease that says your utilities are included in the rent amount. But now that you have a great job, your landlady tells you that you must now pay the utilities yourself. So,

  • You have to start paying the utilities, now that you earn more.
  • You can pay the amount in the lease but the landlady can then evict you.
  • The lease is a contract so the landlady must pay the utilities unless you agree to pay for them in writing.
  • The landlady can apply the security deposit to the cost of the utilities.
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