Tenants, Landlords, and Leases

There are Different Kinds of Rental Agreements

  • A lease: this is a contract that sets the conditions for renting a house or apartment for a specific time period (for instance six months, or a year)
    • If you break the conditions in the lease contract, there can be penalties:
      • By moving out early, you might still have to pay the rent for the months you were supposed to be there
      • If you move other people in, you might have to pay increased rent for additional roommates
    • The landlord must do his duties described in the contract, too, such as keeping the house livable (unless you trash it), or keeping shared areas safe.
    • You must carefully read the contract before you sign it! It is a binding, enforceable agreement.
  • Month – to – month rental agreements:
    • You must still give advance notice when you decide to move out.
    • Your landlord must give advance notice if the rent will go up.
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