Tenants, Landlords, and Leases

Written Leases - Why They Are a Good Thing

  • A lease is helpful because:
    • You will know exactly your rights, your obligations, and those of your landlord.
    • Your landlord can’t raise the rent amount during the lease – unless the lease allows it.
    • The landlord can’t kick you out before the lease is up – unless you break your promises in the lease like failing to pay rent, or throwing a lot of rowdy parties.
  • A lease is a contract!
    • Each person involved has rights and duties.
    • Don’t sign if you can’t meet your duties, and if you aren’t given the rights you want.
    • Printed leases often favor the landlord! You don’t have to use the form as printed; if the landlord agrees, the two of you can change the terms.
    • If the lease has outdated laws, you are not bound by the outdated rules.
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