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Sexual Harassment at Work

  • Generally, sexual harassment means unwanted sexual behavior by a supervisor, co-worker, or client.
    • Unwanted sexual comments, pressure for sexual favors, inappropriate sexual touching, or even sexual assault are all forms of sexual harassment.
    • It can be one employee bothering another with unwanted sexual jokes, or trashy posters of women or men.
  • Sexual harassment is against the law under both state and federal laws.
    • Companies can face serious penalties for allowing sexual harassment. A company “allows” it when they know about it and let it continue.
    • Individuals can face serious penalties (jail, or fines, or large payments to their victims – or maybe a nasty combination of all three) for committing sexual harassment.
  • Report sexual harassment to a supervisor, or the human resources department, or directly to the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) – or the police, if you need to! Report it to someone.
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