Work & Paying Taxes

Understanding Your Pay: Lesson 1

Minimum Wage in Tennessee

  • Tennessee does not have its own minimum wage law, so Tennessee follows the U.S. federal minimum wage law.
  • Under federal law, you must be paid a minimum of $7.25 per hour for work, unless you receive tips.
  • If you earn tips at work, your employer must pay you at least $2.13 an hour (seriously), as long as you earn enough in tips to add up to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.
    • If you don’t earn at least $5.12 an hour in tips, your employer must pay you the difference.
    • If your boss makes you put all your tips in a pool to split evenly with other tipped employees, the money can only be split among tipped employees. You do not have to share it with dishwashers, busboys/girls, or the employer.
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