Work & Paying Taxes

Understanding Your Pay: Lesson 5

  • Most people pay taxes to help pay for things we all use as a society.
  • In Tennessee, you pay state taxes through sales taxes, among others. Tennessee has no state income tax for most people.
  • The tax money you pay to the federal government is usually taken from your paycheck.
  • The amount you pay from your check is called federal income tax.
  • The federal government keeps track of the amount of tax you pay with your Social Security Number.
    • You have to have a Social Security Number to work (and to do many other things).
    • Most people get a Social Security Number as a child. Check with your parents or adult caretakers to get your number. You can apply for a replacement card if yours is lost.
  • If your employer doesn’t deduct federal tax payments, you must pay the federal tax yourself or face serious problems later.
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