Work & Paying Taxes

Understanding Your Pay: Lesson 6

The Internal Revenue Services

  • You must have a Social Security Number to work so your employer can report your wages to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • The IRS keeps track of your earnings and your tax deductions using your Social Security Number to decide if you’ve paid the right amount in taxes.
  • The IRS is the agency we all pay taxes to.
  • You have to fill out your tax form every year and send it to the IRS.
    • On the form, you figure out if you paid enough tax, or too much.
    • The deadline to file your tax form is usually April 15 every year. Don’t be late! Don’t forget!
    • You must pay more tax if you didn’t pay enough.
    • You’ll get a check from the IRS if you paid too much.
    • If you don’t file your tax forms, or if you don’t pay your federal income tax, you can count on having huge financial problems, and you can even be sent to jail.
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