Work & Paying Taxes

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The minimum wage that applies to you depends on all of the following EXCEPT …

  • How hard you work
  • Whether you are a tipped worker
  • Whether Tennessee establishes its own minimum wage
  • What the federal minimum wage is
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In Tennessee, an “at will” employment state, you cannot be fired 

  • Because you take too many smoke breaks
  • Because there are too many people working and not enough work, so some people have to lose their jobs
  • Because you are from Mexico
  • For no reason; a few people were dropped off the work schedule for no reason
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You can be fired from your job if …

  • You come to work late once in a while.
  • You have to be on a jury for two weeks, and you won’t be at work.
  • You refuse to share your tips with the dishwasher.
  • You joined the National Guard and you now can’t work one weekend a month, when you used to work every weekend.
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Your employer can legally take money from your paycheck, but not for …

  • FICA
  • Federal income taxes
  • Health insurance
  • A required office entertainment fund
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Workers’ Compensation insurance is …

  • Insurance to help people who lose a job
  • Insurance to help people injured on the job
  • Health insurance to help workers go to the doctor when they need health care
  • Insurance to help the employer deal with employee theft
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The Internal Revenue Service requires you to …

  • Pay taxes to the federal government based on how much money you make
  • Pay taxes to the state of Tennessee based on how much money you make
  • Pay for Unemployment Insurance
  • Pay for Workers’ Compensation Insurance
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